Aanbeveling door collega's 

'It is a great pleasure working with Alette Smeulers. When she was working at VU University, Alette and I were both busy setting up new, selective, multidisciplinary master programs. From the outset, we decided to coordinate our efforts and to learn from our experiences. I have greatly benefitted from Alette her cooperative spirit and her profound knowledge in the field of international criminology. It was wonderful to have Alette as my colleague. She is hardworking, easy to get along with and she comes up with original ideas and initiatives.'

Prof. dr. Wouter Werner, hoogleraar internationaal publiek recht aan de VU.


While working at VU University Amsterdam Alette has taken the initiative to set up the interdisciplinary master program International Crimes and Criminology (ICC-master). In the first three years of this master I have intensively worked together with Alette and experienced our cooperation as very pleasant. I have come to know Alette as an intelligent, devoted, hard-working, straightforward and reliable colleague. The ICC-master which I am currently directing is still running and very well evaluated by the students.

Joris van Wijk, PhD, universitair hoofdocent en opleidingsdirecteur van de ICC-master aan de VU


Student evaluaties (commentaar)

'I really liked this teacher because she was concerned about how her students felt about the material. It was important to her that everyone was challenged and entertained. Above that she was very open, kind, and understanding. Definitely one of the best teachers at UvT.' Citaat uit studentenevaluatie , War, Tilburg University, 2014-2015


‘Great lecturer! I really liked that she taught u show to read and understand the articles in ICTY, ICTR, and ICC.’  Citaat uit studenten evaluatie  Criminal Law in Context, Tilburg University, 2013-2014


According to the students the lectures of this course were taught very well and the content was very interesting. Citaat uit studentenevaluatie, International Crimes, VU 2009-2010


'According to the students this course was taught very well. They perceived it to be one of the best taught and most interesting courses of the programme. They especially appreciated the lively discussions they had during the lectures and the fact that they were able to brainstorm about many topics. They further indicate that this was quite a difficult course, for which they had to work very hard. They are however convinced that all this hard work was worth it, as it only increased the learning effect of the course.' Citaat uit studenten evaluatie  Perpetrators and bystanders, VU 2008-2008 

‘the subject matter was very interesting. The lectures were intersting, instructive and well structured. The students were very contended with the tutor … the students think the tutor is good at encouraging students to praticipate in group discussions and stimulating students to express their own opinions and ideas.’ Citaten uit studenten evaluatie international criminal and humanitarian law, 2005-2006, Maastricht University.


Student evaluatie (scores)

Course interesting: 4,63/5

Lecturers well structured: 4,63/5 

Student evaluation, War, Tilburg University, 2014-2015


The tutor clearly explained the subject matter: 4.8/5
The tutor involved students in class discussions 4.5/5

Student evaluation Criminal Law in Context, Tilburg University, 2013-2014


The course was intersting: 4,74/5

Tutor could explain well: 4,35/5

Sudent evaluation, Perpetrators and bystanders, VU University, 2007-2008


Overall course: 4.7/5
Overall teacher: 4.3/5

Student evaluation international criminal and humanitarian law, 2005-2006, Maastricht University.