• Course Criminal Justice Systems
  • Assignment:      Develop and teach the course Criminal Justice systems
  • Ordering party: Amsterdam University College
  • Date:               september 2015- August 2016


  • Capstone supervision
  • Assigment:      Supervise bachelor thesis students
  • Orderng party: Amsterdam university College
  • Date:              January - June 2016


  • Interrogation of suspects of international crimes
  • Assignment:      Studying the interrogationtechniques and willingness to talk of suspects of international crimes
  • Ordering party:  Dutch police/ Politie & Wetenschap
  • Duration:           April 2015-March 2016


  • Training on international crimes and terrorism
  • Assignment:     Provide a one-day training course on the Dutch law on prosecution of international crimes and terrorism
  • Ordering party: Dutch Court in The Hague
  • Date:               17 December 2015


  • Perpetrators of international crimes
  • Assignment:      Lecturer on perpetrators of international crimes
  • Ordering party:  Institute of International Criminal Invetsigation (IICI)
  • Date:                1 June 2015


Atrocity, human rights and international law
Assignment:       Develop a learning unit on atrocity crimes, human rights and international law for the students at the Open University.
Ordering party:   Open University Netherlands
Duration:            March – April 2015