Supranational Criminology – Maastricht - 2-5 April 2007
In 2005 Alette Smeulers organized an expert meeting at Maastricht University. The meeting was organized as part of her VENI research project. This project and the expert-meeting were funded by NWO the Dutch scientific organisation. The meeting was organized by Alette Smeulers and Roelof haveman and hosted by the Maastricht Centre of Human Rights. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the development of a new field of research: the criminology of international crimes. Sixteen international well-known experts were invited to discuss the state of the art and to set an agenda for future research. All experts presented a paper and discussed the relavnt issues amongst each other. The papers were collected and published in the conference book Supranational criminology – towards a criminology of international crimes which was edited by Alette Smeulers and Roelof Haveman and published by Intersentia.


maastricht expert meeting

Participants: Xabier Agirre, Alex Alvarez, Jennifer Balint, Gregg Barak, Catrien Bijleveld, Uwe Ewald, David Friedrichs, Fred Grünfeld, Roelof Haveman, Martha Huggins, David Kauzlarich, Christopher Mullins, Stephan Parmentier, Dawn Rothe, Alette Smeulers, Elmar weitekamp.

Collective Violence and international criminal justice – Amsterdam 18-21 June 2009

 In 2009 a second expert-meeting which was part of Alette Smeulers’s VENI project was organized in Amsterdam. The meeting was financed by NWO and the Faculty Board of VU University. The aim of the meeting was to invite experts on international crimes from various scientific disciplines as well as professionals and practitioners working in the field to discuss international crimes and the international criminal justice system. The main theme of the first day was the concept of individual criminal responsibility. The main points of discussion were related to the question as to whether international criminal law is sufficiently able to hold individuals responsible for forms and manifestations of collective violence. On the second day the discussions focused on questions as how to bridge the gap between social scientists studying international crimes and lawyers working on international crimes. All participants presented a paper and took part in the general discussion. In 2010 the conference book entitled Collective violence and international criminal justice was published. The book was edited by Alette Smeulers and published by Intersentia.

Collective viol

Participants: Xabier Agirre; Kai Ambos; Morten Bergsmo; Catrien Bijleveld; Don Foster; Barbora Hola; Amelia Hoover; Salim Nakhjavani; Mark Osiel, Stephan Parmentier, Michael Scharf; Elies van Sliedregt, Alette Smeulers, Wouter Werner; Martin Witteveen; Elisabeth Wood. 

ACLN – Conference - Nyanza, Rwanda 2-5 March 2013 
In March 2013 the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) and the African Low Countries Network (ALCN) which was founded by Roelof Haveman, Rianne Letschert, Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Stephan Parmentier and Alette Smeulers organized the first conference entitled: Setting the research agenda for the law, the criminology, the victimology and the research methodology of international crimes. The main aim of the conference was to set an agenda which would make it possible to study international crimes from a number of different disciplines and to ensure a better cooperation between African scholars and scholars from the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium).

At the conference there were participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Rwanda. There were scholars and professionals and practitioners present. Key notes introduced topics after which the participants discussed these issues together. The aim was to identify areas in which research is needed and to establish a common ground for common research.

Next to the scientific part we visited Mpanga prison in which 7000 prisoners, mostly perpetrators who had committed genocide in 1994 in Rwanda as well as the 8 prisoners who had been sentenced by the Special Court of Sierra Leone. During the meeting we witnessed how Mama Lambert a victim of the genocide talked to the men responsible for the death of her husband and children.

The aim of the ACLN is to ensure that African scholars and scholars from the low countries start to work together on a more regular basis and work together in an efficient and useful way. The aim is furthermore to organize a follow-up meeting in 2015.




Organisation of panels

2008       Organizing chair of a panel on international crimes at the annual conference of the Dutch Society of Criminology in Leiden.
2007 Organizing chair at a panel on international crimes at the annual conference of the Dutch Society of Criminology in Leiden.
2007 Organizing chair of a panel on international crimes at the annual conference of the European Society of Criminology (ESC) in Bologna, Italy.
2007 Chair of a panel at the annual conference of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) in Atlanta, United States.
2006 Organizing chair of a panel on international crimes at the annual conference of the Dutch Society of Criminology in Leiden.
2006 Organizing chair of a panel on international crimes at the European Society of Criminology (ESC) in Tübingen, Germany.
2005 Organizing chaor of a panel on international crimes at the European Society Criminology (ESC) in Cracow, Poland.


 Organization of research seminars

2011       Organizing chair of a reserach seminar on trabnsitional justice with prof. Dr. Stephan Parmentier of the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium.
2010 Organizing chair of a research seminar on war time sexual violence with prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wood of Yale University, United States.
2010 Organizing chair of a research seminar on individual criminal responsibility of child soldiers with prof. Dr. Mark Drumbl van de Washinton Lee University, United States.
2009 Organizing chair of a research seminar on the international criminal justice system with prof. Dr. Mark Osiel of Iowa University, United States.